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Friday, 2 November 2012

Life : Ibu's Birthday Celebration..

Yes~ Yesterday was my mom's birthday.. A day before, I keep on thinking wat shud I give to my lovely mom.. I do ask my dear Mr.Panda and he gimme an owsem idea to cook for a breakfast or bake a cake.. Then only I realize tat it is such a good idea.. Discuss wif my big bro and he wanna cook a 'burger bakar'.. He wanna make the patty by himself.. Wow!! Sounds great ryte?!
Then yesterday, I got a briefing from the aircraft schedule planning which part of my studies.. Thought tat it might takes time until 1730; not enough time if I wanna cook sumthing for my mom. Luckily the briefing only took half day up till 1300. Then I asked my bro to follow me to buy the ingredients. Seriously the time was quite packed!!
At last, I manage to bake a Red Velvet Cake in just 2 hours which my mom & her schoolmate (My mom is a teacher! Hihi~) said tat my cake is so deliciouss! ^_^.. My bro successfully cook the burger bakar and also soooo yummy!!
For my mom,
happy birthday mom.. This is the only way tat we can do to express how much we love you mom although I know tat nothing can compare how much you take care of us and love us.. Hope God bless you mom. InsyaAllah we'll be such a great daughter & son for you dunia & akhirat..
Love you so much!!