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Friday, 9 November 2012

Life : In a relationship?!

Assalam semua warga blogger~
Tepat jam 12 tengah malam, suddenly si dia tukar his status to 'in a relationship'.. Sebelum ini terjadi I do have a discussion with him bout how terkejut I am bila tiba-tiba he decide nak tukar status. For me, I do care bout people's feeling dear. Memang sangat-sangat takot digelar perampas. Nampak macam it is not a big deal kan tapi untuk someone yang dah more than 5 years single rase macam gempa bumi tau. Maybe I'm not really ready to declare to everybody bout us plus I've to face my batch mate yang of cos mulut macam-macam. Huhu~ For me masa sangat cepat berlalu dan sangat tak sangka sudah sampai ke tahap ini.. Banyak benda yang anda tak tahu pasal diri ini.. And dis are the main thing tat I'm going to discuss with you first before we can proceed to the next stage..

I'm not an ordinary person, I'll be having a career which make me busy, I'll be working with guys around me, I've a lot of 'boyfriends' which I do treat them only as a friend, I've a dream of having a superbike and ride around the country, having my own house and make my house looks like a spa which I can do some beauty business at my house, pamper my future husband, love to spend my money for my beauty like shopping, makeup and health so that I can look gorgeous in front of people especially my future husband, travel around the world and ....
This is just a half part of all my dreams~

If you can accept me as who I am ryte now, understand my career and life then only I will announce to others; YES he is the one for me..
Are you sure you want me to be your life partner? For the rest of your life?? U have the choice dear. Choose ur love and then love ur choice.. If you choose me, are you willing to wait until I establish first? Heeeee~ There's a lot of thing to discuss actually..

Neway dear, do love the date tat you've chose which is 10.11.12~
#just wait and see ye guys..